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I  currently live in St. Catharines and service  all of the Niagara Region as well as  the Greater Toronto Area.  My fees vary according to type and length of service, as well as location. Contact me today to discuss & plan your Wedding, Retirement  Party, Grand Openings,  Special  Occasions, Burns Supper or Funeral Service 


Weddings -  Everyone wants their wedding day to be unforgettable, a truly spectacular event full of joy  and  romance. . Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they hear the  skirl of the bagpipes and see the Piper marching into your ceremony. They can play at many different times,the processional, the recessional, entertaining guests as well as  being piped into the Reception to  the Head table . I have piped at many weddings and so I am familiar with the order of the Service.

Please  contact me  and we can  discuss in detail  what will best complement your Special Day!

bagpiper toronto
Scottish bagpiper toronto

Funerals & Memorial Services -  The sound of the bagpipes are haunting and soothing and add a special quality to the Service or Memorial of your loved one. I can work with the Family and/or funeral director to decide how much or how little will best enhance the service. Contact me to discuss the specifics. 

Special Events - The flare of the  bagpipes can be the perfect way to begin an event with a bang , Ring in the New Year to Auld Lang Syne, surprise a friend/ family member of Scottish  heritage with a piper. No Burns Supper is complete until the Haggis has been Piped in. I  am available for Commercials and Films as well as trade shows,

​I have opened many  Events   - Cancer Society, City  Events  and  Parades, International   and Corporate Meetings, Grand Openings, and Concerts. 

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